Episode 1 Sneak Peek
Bob Goff
on Kicking Down Closed Doors

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Hear the Love Does author talk about recovering from hurt, getting curious, and reigniting old ambitions.

Episode 1 Sneak Peek

Let’s get real. We’ve all heard (and said) some dumb stuff in and around the Church.

Like, when something doesn’t work out, a lot of church people will say, “God closed the door.”

Here’s what lawyer — and author of Love Does and Dream Big — Bob Goff has to say about that tired old church cliché:

“Don’t come up with silly explanations for really important things in your life.”

Bob’s advice?

“I would go kick that door down!”

In The Other Side of the Church Podcast’s first episode, we interview Bob Goff about ambition and breaking free of artificial boundaries. Bob says, “We don’t want to be limited by our experience. We want to be thinking and dreaming about what could be possible.”

Get back in touch with your curiosity. Fire up some old ambitions, and find ways to start dreaming again.

Get exclusive access to the video of part 1 from the first episode of The Other Side of the Church Podcast — with special guest Bob Goff.

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In this episode, host Lathan Craft and Bob Goff dive into:

  • Lies we should stop telling ourselves
  • Getting back within ten feet of our ambitions
  • Filling your life with the things Jesus actually cares about
  • The life-changing alternative to finger-pointing

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About The Other Side of the Church Podcast

Hosted by Lathan Craft, The Other Side of the Church is where we deal with stuff that usually gets swept under the rug: real pain and real stories … but always finding our way to real hope.

The first episode launches June 7th, 2021, but you can get the video from part 1 of Lathan’s interview with Bob Goff today.

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